How To Remove Old Stains From Carpets [2022 Guide]

How to Remove Old Stains From Carpets

Carpets are a significant accessorizing ingredient to perk up the decor of any place. They can enhance the appearance of your homes with their astonishing textures and styles. However, carpets get stained over time due to different unpleasant reasons or sometimes by chance. The noticeable thing to consider is how to clean carpet stains.

Old stains on carpets can ruin the overall outlook of your expensive carpets until you get rid of them as soon as possible because as time passes these stains get darker and it becomes nearly impossible to get these stains out of carpets.

There are enormous possible ways to remove old stains from carpets.  Here in this article, we will tell you about the most effective methods to remove stains from your rugs & carpets and make them look renowned.

Types of Stains

Stains on carpets are bound to happen as they are a part of life. But to ensure that what type of material was spilled on the carpet can make the stains-removal easier because stains are of different kinds of materials based on their intensity level and it is obligatory to know about the type of stain for choosing the right cleaning detergent to get the stains clean.

Water-Soluble Stains


Water-soluble stains are probably the easiest type of stains to clean from the carpet. These water-based stains are easy to clean while they are still fresh. Using little plain water without any detergent and a clean white towel to blot gently can clean out these stains. Water-soluble stains include milk, soda, ice cream, mud, alcoholic beverages, latex paint, jelly, and fruit.

Fat And Oil-Based Stains

Fat And Oil-Based Stains

The other type of stains are fat and oil-based stains that are very challenging to remove from the carpets because fats and oils inherently stick easily with other fats and oils. You can remove carpet stains of fats and oil with a bar of mild dish soap and water. If you have an untreated carpet then use a certified dry carpet cleaner. Fat and Oil-based stains are cooking oils, grease, peanut butter, lipstick, salad dressing, petroleum jelly, and crayons.

Stains of Wax And Gum

Stains of Wax And Gum

Wax and gum stains are another type of carpet stains. You should do whatever you can to avoid them getting ground into carpet fibers as attempting to peel them up can significantly damage your carpet. You can remove wax and gum by using ice and allowing it to freeze for about 20 minutes or longer until all the wax is removed.

Homemade Solvents to Clean Out Carpet Stains


Homemade solvents to remove old stains from carpets are one of the best ways to adapt for cleaning. Because if you know what the stain is, then you can choose a method that works out most of them. To get the cleaning of random stains you will need dishwashing detergent, ammonia, white vinegar, a water spray bottle, a steam vacuum, or a clean cloth.

Cleaning With the Dish Soap

Cleaning With the Dish Soap

Now that you know that you are going to use dish soap, it’s time to get down on the floor for cleaning. The steps include:

  • Take a cup of warm water then pour ¼ tsp of liquid dishwashing soap and mix it.
  • Avoid using washing materials that contain bleach in them.
  • Take the thoroughly mixed soap solution and spray it on the stain.
  • Use your steam vacuum to extract the stains with the help of a towel or piece of cloth.
  • Pour warm water to rinse the stain.
  • Repeat the procedure until the stain is removed thoroughly.

Steps for Cleaning With Ammonia

You can adopt another method of ammonia if the simple dish soap method doesn’t work out for removing stains.

  • Take a cup of water and 2 tbsp ammonia in a spray bottle.
  • Spray this ammonia solution to the affected area of the carpet.
  • Extract and rinse out the stain through the solution.
  • Allow to set it for a few minutes.
  • Repeat this process as much as needed.
  • Additionally, you can repeat the same procedure with 2 two cups of water and a cup of white vinegar.

Clean Old Stains on Lightweight Carpets With Peroxide

cleaning carpet with peroxide

If your carpet is lightweight and is plagued by old stains, you can try using another effective method of a bit of hydrogen peroxide to fix the stains. For this purpose, you may require hydrogen peroxide, a bristle brush, a steam vacuum, or a clean piece of cloth.

How to Remove Old Stains With Peroxide

Cleaning carpets with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is the most effective method to choose.Remember to test this solution first on an unnoticeable area of the carpet as it has bleaching properties. Get straight to the procedure.

  • First of all, vacuum up the stain to be sure any particles are gone.
  • Pour the hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and spray it on the stain.
  • Soak up the stain to loosen up the stain’s particles and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Use a stiff and bristle brush to work on the stain to loosen up more.
  • Use a steam vac to suck up the peroxide from the carpet and use any piece of cloth to absorb the peroxide.
  • And get a stain-free sparkling carpet the same as before.

Try Vinegar and Baking Soda for the Removal Of Old Stains

best carpet stain remove

If you are not having luck with your random stain then try out the most powerful duo of vinegar and baking soda as they act as the best carpet stain remover to set in your stains. Go to your kitchen and grab baking soda, white vinegar, dawn dish soap, a spray bottle, and a vacuum cleaner.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions

Vinegar and baking sodas are the best stain fighters and carpet washers. This is the simplest technique but the toughest part is to wait.

  • First of all, vacuum the affected area.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda on all the stained areas carefully.
  • Create a solution of white vinegar and water in the spray bottle with a proportion of 1:1.
  • Add a drop of detergent for getting extra stain-fighting action.
  • Spray the mixture directly on the baking soda and watch it foam.
  • Let the mixture dissolve on the carpet until the baking soda dries and hardens.
  • This can take a few hours and after that suck it up with the vacuum to get a clean area.

Clear-Out Carpet Stains With Club Soda

Clear-Out Carpet Stains With Club Soda

Club soda is another effective cleaning agent and the best carpet stain remover for old stains. It can also eliminate set-in dirt and even blood stains from carpets. For this purpose, grab club soda, a little bit of salt, a cloth, a scrub brush, and a vacuum cleaner.

Instructions for Using Club Soda for the Removal Of Stains

This is probably the simplest way to get rid of the irritating stains with just a few easy steps.

  • Just spray club soda on the affected place.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Work on it with the help of a brush.
  • Use a cloth to smudge up the stain and soda.
  • Sprinkle some salt on it to help draw up club soda and stain.
  • Keep it idle for at least 30 minutes this time.
  • Then vacuum up the salt after a certain time.

Remove Old Stains From Carpet With the Help Of Borax

Remove Old Stains From Carpet With the Help Of Borax

Borax is the material that you probably use for washing purposes. You can also use it as a stain remover carpet too. You just need ice water, borax, a piece of cloth, and a vacuum cleaner.

Borax Cleaning Instructions

Getting rid of old stains and boring stains with the help of borax is quite simple.

  • vacuum up the stain first to get rid of loose particles of stains.
  • Use ice water to wet the stains and add borax to the affected area.
  • Allow it to keep for a few minutes until it dries completely.
  • Then vacuum up the borax from the carpet.
  • Repeat this process until you get a stain-free carpet.

Tips for Removing Old Stains From Carpets

Whether you are thinking of getting rid of a new stain or an old and boring one, there are certain tips that you should follow for the removal of these stains.

  • Start working from the outside of the stain and move towards its center. This helps to prevent you from spreading the stain and avoids more damage to the carpet.
  • The process of cleaning must involve applying any suitable solvent, blotting it with a clean cloth, rinsing and extracting the mixture, and repeating the procedure until you get a stainless carpet.
  • Make sure that you didn’t leave any residue of the mixture behind, then let the carpet dry for a certain period after cleaning.
  • To prevent the stain to reach in-depth of the carpet, dry it quickly with a fan so that it can’t damage the piling of carpets.

Assess Your Stain Precisely

Assessing the stains is crucial for the removal of stains because all old stains on carpets are not created equally. Water-soluble stains like milk, blood, soda, and mud are quite easy to eliminate using any method while non-water-soluble stains like oil-based are challenging. It is difficult to remove makeup from carpet asit is not easy to lift. The significant factor to consider is that you assess your carpet stains accurately and use the techniques according to the nature of stains.


Wrapping up the discussion of how to get old dirt stains out of the carpet with the final words. Stains on the carpet are not entertaining and delightful to watch, therefore, we have covered all the possible aspects of removing stains from your carpets. Keep these easy ways in your mind whenever you do it yourself and never scrub your carpets harshly as it can break down the carpet’s fibers. If your stains are untreated and stubborn then call a professional carpet cleaning service in UAE for expert stain-fighting & water extraction systems to help you get a stain-free carpet.