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Custom Stair Tread Rugs

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Custom Stair Tread Rugs to Make Your Stairs Stylish

Rug Store offers stair tread sets that provide grip for thirteen stairs and integrate the classic appearance and sensation of braided carpets with the added functionality of an installation kit, improving both the beauty and functionality of any staircase.

Our top priority at Rug Store is to keep your family, visitors, and pets safe from harmful tripping and falling. Standard stair runners are expensive, whereas our stair tread rugs are an economical, do-it-yourself solution. We’re convinced that we can supply you with the friction you require, thanks to a choice of colors and designs from trusted companies.

Rug Sore has the largest collection of stair tread rugs in the industry, with alternatives to fit any budget and any house. You’ll discover everything you need here, from premium-quality wool stair rugs to the most cost-effective treads.


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Sisal Stair Tread Rugs

Sisal Stair Tread Rugs

Animal Skin Stair Tread Rugs

Animal Skin Stair Tread Rugs

Grey Stair Tread Rugs

Grey Stair Tread Rugs

Non Slippery Stair Tread Rugs

Non Slippery Stair Tread Rugs

Pet Friendly Stair Tread Rug

Pet Friendly Stair Tread Rug

Adorable Custom Stair Rugs in Dubai

Rug Store’s pet-friendly, slip-resistant stair rugs may make your house safer and more appealing. We sell stair carpet runners, and mats to save people and animals from slipping their foothold on slick surfaces. The Rug Store’s beautiful, cheap, and simple-to-install slip-resistant stair tread rugs are particularly ideal for households with dogs, children, and the elderly.

The majority of people also consider installation to be really simple. The special tape-free, pet-friendly staircase treads from Rug Store don’t need any glue, tapes, or nails. Custom sizes, forms, and amounts are offered; just inquire since we can cover and decorate your stairs in any way you choose. You may buy any type of stair tread rugs at Rug Store.

Traditional rectangular stair tread rugs and also innovative hexagonal, circular, and bullnose designs are available to enhance your stairs without covering the floor altogether.

Luxury Stair Rug Runners At Best Prices in UAE

You can opt for our luxurious stair rug runners at the best prices in UAE. We at Rug Store offer a wide array of exquisite stair rug runners that magically complement your stairway.

We ensure high-quality stair tread rugs are provided to all at an affordable rate because everyone deserves to have attractive stairways.

Buy Stair Tread Rugs in Dubai Online

If you are looking for stair tread rugs for sale online in Dubai, you are at the right spot. Rug Store is offering stair tread rugs in Dubai online for the best prices.

You can buy the best stair tread rugs from rugstore and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time!

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