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Sisal Carpets

Decorate Your Interior With Delicate Sisal Carpet

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Add Beauty To Your Home With Natural Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets are the ideal alternative for those looking for environment-friendly and dust-free carpeting. Rug Store offers a large selection of sisal carpets & rugs to choose from, and we provide sisal carpets throughout Dubai. Nowadays, Sisal Carpets Dubai remains the newest trend in flooring style.

We manufacture high-quality Sisal Carpets at Rug Store. You can decorate your interiors in any way you like with our rugs with innovative looks and craftsmanship.

Agave plants are used to yield sisal, which is then spun into fiber. This delicate fiber is used to make sisal carpets. Because they are created from naturally derived material, these rugs remain dust-free, dirt-free, and hence environmentally beneficial. Our wall to wall sisal carpets are simple to keep clean and simply require vacuuming.


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Sisal Stair Carpet

Sisal Stair Carpet

Outdoor Sisal Carpet

Outdoor Sisal Carpet

Natural Sisal Carpet

Natural Sisal Carpet

Herringbone Sisal Carpet

Herringbone Sisal Carpet

Staircase Sisal Carpet

Staircase Sisal Carpet

Ease Your Worries – Stain Resistant Sisal Carpets in Dubai

Sisal and similar organic fiber carpets, while attractive and long-lasting, are prone to staining. When employing a topical stain-protection agent on sisal, the treatment will barely remain a few weeks before being washed away by cleaning and foot traffic.

Using our sisal rugs, you can be stress-free and stain-free at the same time. Regardless of frequent foot activity or regular cleaning, it will always be stain-resistant. Our sisal rugs and carpets are designed for the most demanding applications, such as extremely heavy-duty contract employment or high-traffic locations.

Our sisal rug in UAE are ideal for all restaurant and commercial customers who want their spaces to have a pleasant, serene environment. Our stain-resistant sisal carpets are indeed an excellent complement to any room for our residential customers with children, pets, or simply a busy home.

Luxurious Sisal Carpets At Best Prices

Several carpets are much more costly and far less lasting compared to these Sisal carpets Dubai. Sisal rugs complement any interior and are affordable to people of all socioeconomic classes. If you wish to buy sisal carpet, opt for Rug Store, and you won’t need to buy another one for years.

Our low-cost carpets are made of high-quality fibers and can endure a long time. Sisal is likewise ideal carpet for stairs, corridors, and other high-traffic commercial locations such as offices and outdoor areas.

Buy Customized Sisal Carpets in Dubai

You can buy sisal rugs in Dubai customized to your preferences and likes. Let us know your preferences and likes for sisal carpet, and we will design and manufacture premium quality sisal rugs for you at a very affordable price.

Our customized sisal carpets in Dubai will radiate your sense of fashion and beauty explicitly. Additionally, Rug Store also offers sisal carpet installation services in Dubai.

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