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Carpet Tiles Dubai, Rug Store’s highly sophisticated flooring treatment approach, allows you to decorate your spaces in the most significantly fantastic manners. Not to mention our ones that are truly brilliant. These genuine finest floor carpet tiles in Dubai can be your best bet for not just a distinctive design approach but also a highly useful addition to any lifestyle.

Carpet tiles are a cost-effective, long-lasting, and adaptable flooring option for any home or workplace. Our office carpet tiles are perfectly suited for high-traffic places in a workplace and may be employed to generate a modern and fashionable appearance. Rug Store is your ultimate destination for premium and exquisite carpet tiles in Dubai and all over the UAE. We at Rug Store are at your service 24/7, non-stop!


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Carpet tile flooring provides a highly practical tiling solution that transforms your workplace floor into a new environment. The most elegant office carpet tiles option in Dubai, Rug Store, offers you affordable carpet tiles online with the most appealing and trendy designs on the marketplace.

Our very adaptable Carpet Tiles Dubai can fulfill every visual and practical need in your office to perfection. Furthermore, you may take advantage of our efficient flooring alternatives designed to meet a variety of purposes in a workplace, as well as wonderful modifications. If you’re looking for the local carpet tile store in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact Rug Store.

Employing UV stable substances and regulated flooring procedures, we at Rug Store provide exceptionally elegant office carpet tile flooring. You decide to have this one-of-a-kind carpeting adornment in your business areas, and it turns out to be a very intelligent and long-term successful option.

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The ideal carpet tile flooring is produced at the most reasonable prices, delivering valid discounts and keeping it within the budget, according to the estimated cost. We are the most desired and appreciated flooring partners because we provide the most luxurious carpet tiles with a secure and appealing look.

Our valued clients’ comments and suggestions assist in improving the carpeting and making it the finest. We at Rug Store offer a large selection of carpet tiles with distinctive colors and designs, so if you don’t want plain one-color carpet tiles, we can simply provide patterned tiles.

We may also offer you some free samples to help you determine whether to purchase patterned or plain tiles. With a low price and highly durable nature, Rug Store claims to be the best in providing carpet tiles across Dubai.

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With Rug Store at your service, you are not required to leave the comfort of the couch; just browse through rug store, and you will find a wide selection of elegant carpet tiles for you to choose from. We at Rug Store offer the best customer services and online support 24/7.

Order your favorite carpet tiles today, and Rug Store will deliver them to your doorstep hassle-free and without any delays. Purchasing carpet tiles in UAE has never been so simple and convenient before, but Rug Store has always been consistent with its commitment to customer satisfaction and ease of online shopping!


Carpet tiles are a great choice if you desire a low-maintenance, easy-to-replace flooring alternative. In case you want to add some color and individuality to a space but would not want to spend the money on a personalized layout, carpet tiles are indeed a great option. Moreover, Rug Store is now offering premium-quality carpet tiles at a very reasonable price, so you can head to rugstore right away.

Many carpet tile suppliers recommend drying the moist area with a hair drier. Certain tiles are designed to be cleaned in the sink. Simply remove the dirty tile and wash it in water, then add a tiny quantity of moderate hand dishwashing detergent to the discoloration, work it in, and wash thoroughly.

When properly maintained, premium-quality carpet tiles, like those from Rug Store, are an extremely durable flooring solution that may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Furthermore, if you undertake the installation personally, carpet tiles might be less costly compared to other carpet alternatives.

The price and expense of installing carpet tiles in an area vary significantly with the dimensions of the space and the kind of material you prefer for your carpet tiles. However, installing carpet tiles can cost you about 7-9 AED per square foot in the UAE.

The carpet tiles are constructed of solution-dyed polyester fabric, making them dirt and stain-resistant as well as machine washable. The material structure of the backing and fiber is unaffected by water.